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  1) 主语从句:that, whether, who, what, which, when, where, how, why. That she was able to come made us very happy.

  It is beyond any doubt that Africa is the largest continent in the world and the most culturally diversified.

  What he says makes no difference.

  What determines what a text means to a person largely depends on what kind of background he is in.

  Where to go is a big question to us tonight.

  Where our country will go and how it will develop is a serious matter we all have to think about.

  2) 表语从句:that, whether, as if, who, what, which, when, where, how, why Their first plan is to kill all the bugs in the system.

  The fact is that what you do now will largely determine how you will succeed in your future career.

  另外:It is because A that B

  It’s because of the hot weather that we have to postpone the wedding which was scheduled on this coming weekend.

  3) 同位语从句: that, how, when, where, why, whether, what I have no idea what you are talking about.

  The reason that the middle age is also called the Dark Age is that basically all forms of art were eliminated.

  4) 宾语从句:that, whether, if, who, whose, what, which, when, where, how, why


  1) 表语从句:who/whom/whose, that, which, of which where, when, why, as, but, than,what, whatever, whoever, whichever

  The giant panda, whose eating habit includes chewing a large quantity of bamboo, is now vanishingly rare in the world.

  The incident of which we were discussing yesterday was no longer a problem.

  such as: Such people as were mentioned by him were honest. I’ve never seen such a clever man as he is.

  the I like the same book as you do.

  as…as…He is as intelligent a man as ever lived.


  1) 时间:when, as, while, before, after, since, till, by the time, as soon as, hardly..when, no sooner than, the moment

  2) 原因: because, since, as, for, seeing that, now that, considering that, in that, not that..but that

  3) 地点:where, wherever, anywhere, everywhere

  4) 条件:if, unless, on condition that, provided that, granted that, as long as, suppose tat,given that, in case

  5) 让步:although, though, even if, whether…or, no matter+wh

  6) 目的:so that, in order that, for fear that, in case

  7) 结果: so, so that, so..that, such..that

  8) 方式:as, just as, as if, as though, in the way that

  9) 比较: as…as, than, not so, the more…the more,


  做定语:A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  The topic in discussion right now in room 202 on the second floor of the wing building is not to be considered important by us serious scholars of the discipline.

  做状语:with production up by 60 percent, the company has had another excellent year.


  做表语:Japan is to the east of China.

  做宾补: Make yourself at home.



  To be invited is an honor.

  It is a great honor and privilege to me to have this wonderful opportunity to come all the way across half a world to present a speech here.

  做表语:The important thing is to save lives.

  做宾语:he wanted to say what he had wanted to say for a long time.

  做宾补:he asked me to do the work with him.

  做目的、原因、结果、条件状语: I came to see you.

  We were very excited to hear the news. To look at him, you would like him.

  He hurried there to find nobody was there.