2019年6月英语六级题目+答案完整版 英语六级听力阅读翻译作文试题及答案(4)

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The best retailer combine bricks and clicks

36 M although online retailing has existed

37G innovative retailers integratetechnologies

38D despite what the census date

39 I internet-driven changes in the retail

40 C statistics indicate that brick and

41 H companies that successfully combineonline

42 F brick and mortar retailers’ faith

43 O despite the tremendous challenges from

44 A with the rise of online

45 K the wide use of smartphones has


Companies are working with consumers toreduce waste

36F some companies believe that products

37C a survey shows shoppers today

38M companies can build customer loyalty

39G when companies launch environmentprograms

40G one multinational company offersdiscounts

41N Recycling used products can help

42H electronic products contain valuablels

43B it seems commonly believed that

44J it is advisable for companies

45D some businesses have begun to


The future of personal satellite technologyis here

36M given the easier accessibility to space

37C a group of mini-satellites can work

38B the greater accessibility ofmini-satellites

39E even school pupils can have

40K AMSAT is careful about sharinginformation

41F NASA offers to launch CubeSats free

42L even with constraints, it is possible

43G while making significant contributions

44D mini-satellites enable operators to

45J AMSAT operates on the principle of




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