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46、C)They cant connect professors and students as textbooks do

47、D) Falling sales

48、A) Reform its structures

49、C)Answer questions using their personal experience

50、B)They can learn in an interactive way


51、D)It gets energy from both food and sunlight

52、A)The genes it captures from the sea plant algae

53、D)They can produce chlorophyll on their own

54、C)They don't usually function inside animal cells

55、B)They can survive for months without eating




Chinese families attach great importance to childrens education. Many parents believe that they

should work hard to guarantee their kid good education. They are not only willing to invest in their childs education but also spend much time in supervising his or her study for most parents

hope that their child can be admitted into a prestigious university Owing to China's reform and

opening-up, more and more parents can afford their kid's study in a foreign country or an international exchange programme, which will broaden his or her horizon. Through all these

efforts, they expect their child to grow up healthily to make contribution to the nations

development and prosperity