2019年12月英语六级答案完整版汇总 最新英语六级翻译听力阅读作文真题及答案(11)

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As one of the most renowned flowers in China, Lotus, with its wide distribution in ponds and lakes all over the country, has always been beloved by Chinese people. Lotus features bright colors. It blossoms from dawn to dusk in summer and the flowering phase lasts for 2 or 3 months, which attracts tourists from across the country to appreciate its beauty. Lotus has various functions, such as greening waters, embellishing the courtyards. It can also help to purify the water quality, reduce pollution and improve environment. Lotus, which fearlessly braves the sun and comes out of the mud unsoiled, has been a symbol of purity and elegance that represents people’s noble morals. For this reason, it has become a vital theme in the works from poets and painters of all time. The places where lotus blooms also become the scenic attractions to many photographers.